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Creating an Adoption Profile

Your adoption profile is usually the one thing an expectant mother views when deciding whether or not to select you to be the parents of her baby. Spend time on it and make it a quality representation of you and your family.

How do I start?

Decide on a website design service you want to use. Pick a photobook template. And pick a size that’s not too big, about the size of a sheet of paper. Otherwise, shipping becomes a problem.

How do I organize it?

Every family profile is unique, but there is a generally accepted way to organize an adoption profile book. Start with an informal message to the expectant parents. You might acknowledge their courage, for example, in choosing an adoption plan. Next, briefly describe yourselves and your lives. Show your personality and your fun side. No one relates to stuffy photos — so be your informal, everyday self. When you describe your relationship as a couple, you might write about each other rather than about yourselves as individuals—and that way you brag about the other person without sounding egotistical. You might talk about your careers, your pets, and your hobbies. Some families choose to include a “favorites list” like favorite movies, favorite foods, etc. Discuss any memorable family traditions you might have and anything notable about your extended family. You might discuss your home and community and what kind of parents you are or hope to be. Above all, you want to paint a picture for the expectant parents to show them what the child’s life will be like. No pressure!

What about the pictures?

Like the text, photos should convey your personality and lifestyle. Include pets, your home, your hobbies and activities, and several that show your faces clearly. Make sure to use photos that are in focus and not too dark. Be sure to include fun captions!

Don’t want to do it? That’s OK, we can help.

For many adoptive families, creating their Adoption Profile is a fun and exciting task. But for those of you who loathe the thought of putting it together, we’re happy to refer you to a professional adoption profile designer.