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Our Services

Adoption is a very personal experience. Every step of the way, this is about the baby, the birth parents — and you, the adoptive family.

Placement Services

As a licensed adoption agency, we provide a full array of services both before and after the adoption. Among other things, we provide counseling and emotional support for expectant mothers and adoptive families; we handle all the legal work necessary for the transfer of parental rights; we place the child with the adoptive family; and we offer support for both the birth parents and the adoptive family after the adoption is finalized. Every step of the way, this is about the baby, the birth parents — and you, the adoptive family. It’s personal and we make it that way.

Matching Services

We take great care in matching expectant mothers with adoptive families. And there is a science to our matching process, which takes into account the preferences of the birth parents, the preferences of the adoptive parents, wait times, and a variety of other factors. Adoptive parents have the opportunity to play an active role in this process, and can decide for themselves whether to be considered by any given expectant mother.

Designated Adoption Services

If you are already connected to an expectant parent, we can offer a variety of support services. We can create a “designated” adoption plan, customized just for you and reflecting your distinct needs. The services we offer include the ability to pass through living expenses from you to the expectant mother (state laws prohibit you from paying her expenses directly), legal services, as well as social work services to all parties both before and after placement. Call us to discuss your situation and let’s see how we can help.

Home Study Services

If you live in Texas, we can provide you with a home study and other related services. We can provide you with a home study even if you are not adopting through our agency. Please visit our home study page for more details.

LGBT Adoption

We enthusiastically believe that all qualified adults who have love in their hearts and a deep desire to be parents should be permitted—indeed, encouraged—to adopt a child. With every passing year, growing numbers of people in the LGBTQ community are adopting children, and we welcome the opportunity to be part of that. To those in the LGBTQ community who want to be parents; we’re glad you found us!

Post Placement Supervision

After the adoption, you will undergo an assessment—referred to as post-placement supervision — that involves visits to your home. The purpose is to ensure the baby is thriving and you are adjusting well as new parents.  Usually, this supervision is carried out by the same agency or social worker who completed your home study. But whether we provide you with the home study or not, we can complete your post-placement supervision if you live in our state.