How To Start The Adoption Process | Texas Adoption Center

The Process

The adoption process can be stressful, but we’re here to alleviate those stresses and assist you along the way.

Complete a Home Study

See our home study page for all the necessary information.

Create Your Adoption Profile

The expectant parents need to know how wonderful you are. So create an Adoption Profile Book to tell us about yourself and the kind of home you can provide for a new child. For helpful tips, visit our Creating an Adoption Profile page. Contact us for more information!

Apply to the Agency

Apply to the Agency and pay the application fee. We’ll let you know within 2 business days if your application has been approved.

View Opportunities for Matching

Once your application is approved, we’ll present you with opportunities that might be a good match for you, and we’ll discuss them with you. In each case, we’ll ask you to decide whether you’d like to be considered. You’re in charge. We want you to feel connected to each situation you are being considered for. This part of the process can be fast for some and longer for others. We believe each family finds the situation that is meant to be, and they find it at the very right time — adoption is amazing like that. The waiting is hard. But it’s worth it, and we’ll be there to support you however long it takes.

Getting Matched

You're matched! We’ll be actively involved in helping you meet and get to know the expectant mother (if that’s part of the adoption plan). We’ll answer any questions you may have, and we’ll help facilitate a healthy and mutually supportive relationship. Being matched can produce a high level of anxiety for adoptive families—because you will now be focused on one mom and one baby, and many decisions about the pregnancy and the delivery will be in someone else’s hands. We totally understand that, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Yes, you may feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster. But we have experience. We know how to do this. We’ll be a calming influence. We’ll be there for you.

The Birth

When the expectant mother you’re matched with is admitted into labor and delivery, we’ll ask you to immediately head to the hospital. As you can imagine, our prospective adoptive parents never seem to mind! The birth process is invariably exciting and nerve-wracking. But our staff will be there to facilitate the whole thing—providing advice, holding hands, smoothing emotions, keeping everyone informed about what to expect. And however long it takes, the baby will be born! Once the happy event occurs, the birth mom typically signs the consent paperwork, allowing you to leave the hospital with the baby. If you live in Texas, you can head home right away. If you live outside of Texas, you’ll have to wait a little bit before returning home.

ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children)

If you live outside of Texas, you’ll need to wait in Texas for about 10 days or so after the baby is discharged from the hospital before you’ll be cleared to head home. The ICPC process is typically handled by government entities in both the sending and receiving states. Once our agency submits your packet to the Texas entity, they take it from there. The purpose of the ICPC is to ensure that children placed out of their home state receive the same protections and services they would have received if they had remained in their home state. If you are an out-of-Texas adopter, we’ll work hard to get you home as soon as possible.

Final Steps

Texas requires you to remain in post-placement supervision for six months before your adoption can be finalized. During that six months, we ask for a few things from you. But mostly we allow you to enjoy being new parents. After six months has passed, we take the necessary steps to finalize your adoption. (If you live outside Texas, there is a small chance you’ll have to make a trip back to Texas in order to finalize.) After finalization, you’ll send off for a new birth certificate for the baby and apply for a social security card.