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Birth Mother Scholarships for College

I placed my baby for adoption. Now what? As many birth mothers may find, rebounding after an adoption can be difficult. A common choice for birth mothers is to pursue an education to improve their current situation. In most cases, birth parents see this opportunity as a second chance to redeem themselves. No matter which…
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How to Tell Your Parents That You Are Pregnant at 16

I'm only 16! How am I supposed to tell my parents? Teen pregnancy. It's nothing new or uncommon; nevertheless, if it is happening to you, it can be a devastating blow. There are obvious stigmas around teen pregnancy; however, the fact stands that it is a very common occurrence. In fact, it is estimated 3…
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Effects of Adoption on the Birth Mother: What to Expect?

My birth date is coming up! What should I expect after the adoption? Every adoption story is unique in itself; nonetheless, there are similar aspects that most—if not all— birth mothers experience. The effects of adoption on the birth mother are far-reaching, but there are a few common effects that those placing their child should…
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3 Alternatives to Abortion that Are Good for Mother & Child

Abortion is not right for me! What do I do? An unplanned pregnancy can be terrifying! However, you are not alone in this feeling. Approximately 50% of all pregnancies each year are reported to be unplanned. That's nearly three million per year! So, how are other women dealing with this situation?  Some see termination as…
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