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Pregnancy at 14 Years Old: What Are My Options?

I’m too young to be pregnant! What should I do? Having a pregnancy at 14 years old can be scary and overwhelming! But, you can make it through it with the right help. If you just found that you’re pregnant or wondering what your options are, stay tuned. We’re going to break it down and…
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Unplanned Pregnancy, Boyfriend Wants Abortion

Pregnancy can be an exciting chapter of your life that allows you to grow in more ways than one. It can also bring people together in celebration of your family’s new addition. On the flip side, an unplanned pregnancy can be a shocking ordeal especially if you aren’t mentally, emotionally, or financially prepared to care…
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10 Teen Pregnancy Quotes

If you’ve just found out you are pregnant, you are probably experiencing a lot of feelings at the moment. You might be scared, overwhelmed, or even upset. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to tell your parents about the pregnancy. You may also be nervous about telling the father of the baby and your friends. Though…
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Do You Get Paid for Adoption?

If you are pregnant and considering placing your baby for adoption, you must have tons of questions! For example, many birth mothers wonder, do you get paid for adoption? This article will answer that question, as well as explain ways that adoption agencies support birth mothers.  Do You Get Paid for Adoption? Here is the…
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