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Great Adoption Support Groups for Birth Moms & Families

Who do I turn to? The adoption process can be long and stressful. If you are a birth mother, you may even experience some effects from placing your baby for adoption, such as grief. Moreover, families of the birth mother may be affected as well. No matter your stage in the adoption process, you may…
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Adoption First Steps: How to Get Started in Texas

I think adoption is the right option for me—where do I start? There are numerous questions that an expectant mother may have about adoption. Where do you start? How do you tell your family about an unexpected pregnancy? What are the first steps to take in the adoption process? Don’t worry, in this article; you…
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Best 5 Domestic Adoption Blogs

I need more information about adoption! Where do I go? Whether you are a birth parent or an adoptive family, getting some advice about the adoption process can be helpful! A domestic adoption blog is a great tool to help you learn more about the adoption process, help you make decisions regarding adoption, and assist…
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Heartfelt Birth Mother Gifts to Give at the Hospital

What are appropriate birth mother gifts? Most adoptive families are matched with an expectant mother a few weeks to months before the baby’s birth. In an open adoption, if the birth mother chooses to meet you, you may want to give her a gift to express your sincere appreciation for the wonderful gift of choosing…
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