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Texas Adoption Statistics You Didn’t Know

Am I making the right decision? Adoption, in general, is surrounded by questions and uncertainty. How will you know that your child is doing well? Is adoption successful? Both questions are valid. In addition, they are common questions that Texas Adoption Center hears frequently. It's easy to say that adopted children are loved, and doing…
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10 Great Movies About Adoption for Birth Mothers

Movies are far more than mere entertainment. For many people, they reflect important aspects of their life. Through movies, we learn about different experiences and even identify with people living vastly different lives than our own. So, what do the movies say about adoption? The team at Texas Adoption Center (TAC) has listed some of…
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Adoptive Parent Quotes that Will Warm Your Heart

Placing a baby for adoption can be a difficult decision. The experts at Texas Adoption Center understand the concerns that birth mothers face. That’s we go out of our way to ensure that every placement is a perfect fit for birth mothers as well as babies. We do this by compassionately moving through the adoption…
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Domestic Infant Adoption in Texas

What is a domestic adoption anyway? How does it effect my baby and I? There are several options to consider if you've decided to place your baby for adoption. Common factors include choosing an adoption agency and determining the adoptive family. However, many mothers do not consider whether domestic or international adoption is right for…
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