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“I Need Someone to Adopt My Baby” – What to Do if This is You

I need someone to adopt my baby. Perhaps you’ve been thinking this to yourself but haven’t been able to say it out loud. Or, perhaps your due date is quickly approaching and with each day that passes you’re becoming more and more sure that you aren’t ready to parent right now. Maybe you’re already parenting…
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Considering Adoption vs. Foster Care: What You Should Know

If you’re wondering whether you’re ready for motherhood, you’re not alone. Being a parent is a huge responsibility! Facing an unplanned pregnancy can feel daunting and overwhelming. But, the fact that you’re reflecting on your readiness to parent and considering your baby’s future already makes you a responsible mother. Many women don’t confront this question…
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What Are My Adoption Choices in Texas?

If you live in Texas, you have all kinds of choices when it comes to placing your baby for adoption! You are in control and have the power to make decisions for you and your baby’s future. From choosing whether to be a part of the process of choosing your baby’s birth parents, to choosing…
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Are There Adoption Agencies Near Me? – Corpus Christi, TX

Hey you! We’re about to make your day. Seriously. Texas Adoption Center has an office in Corpus Christi and we can’t wait to embrace and connect with you! Texas Adoption Center is a full service adoption agency with 12 offices throughout our great state. We exist to connect birth mothers and adoptive families, inform and…
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