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Birth Mother Adoption Stories: Heartwarming Adoption Video

When it comes down to adoption stories, many people have a preconceived idea of what it may look like. Famous birth mother adoption stories that many may think come from popular adoption movies - like Juno or Paper Dream-as their frame of reference. At the end of the day, adoption is an intricate process that differs from…
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Giving a Baby Up for Adoption Without the Father’s Consent?

Can I place my baby for adoption without the father knowing? Adoption and the processes that make a successful adoption possible can be overwhelming in itself. However, what happens when you add another layer of difficulty like the father's consent? Regardless of the situation, this can be a difficult reality to confront for many expecting…
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Texas Adoption Statistics You Didn’t Know

Am I making the right decision? Adoption, in general, is surrounded by questions and uncertainty. How will you know that your child is doing well? Is adoption successful? Both questions are valid. In addition, they are common questions that Texas Adoption Center hears frequently. It's easy to say that adopted children are loved, and doing…
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10 Great Movies About Adoption for Birth Mothers

Movies are far more than mere entertainment. For many people, they reflect important aspects of their life. Through movies, we learn about different experiences and even identify with people living vastly different lives than our own. So, what do the movies say about adoption? The team at Texas Adoption Center (TAC) has listed some of…
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