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The Best Adoption Agency in McAllen, Texas

While beautiful, adoption is also a sensitive time for many women. Because of this, every birth mother deserves to feel safe, secure, and cared for throughout her pregnancy. No one needs to go through this process alone, which is why Texas Adoption Center provides loving, supportive services to pregnant women considering adoption. We don't want to just say we're…
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Is Giving a Baby Up for Adoption Free?

You pay rent, groceries, gas, and personal health expenses every single month. You may have loans to pay off, credit card debt, or a car payment. Adding an unplanned pregnancy on top of the list of an already overwhelming list of expenses can be stressful. If you have found yourself asking, "Is giving a baby…
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Giving Up a Baby for Adoption at Birth

Giving up a baby for adoption at birth is a lovely decision that affects both the mother and the child. First of all, we should start by noting that you are not, in any way, "giving up". Rather, you are making a selfless and courageous decision to give your baby a beautiful life. Second, we…
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Pros and Cons of Adoption for Birth Mothers

Adoption is a challenging yet beautiful process, documenting a story where one relationship comes to an end while another relationship opens. Naturally, this is an emotional and difficult process for all who are involved and presents a long list of negatives and positives. If you are considering adoption, you may be wondering: what are the…
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