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Replacing Shame with Beauty

Few experiences are more beautiful than sharing the gift of life, love, and parenthood with a family or individual that longs to become a parent. When a woman is seeking adoptive parents for her unborn child, the process should feel like a natural match, organic and serendipitous. But, far too often there is an element of looming shame and dishonor. There are many roads that lead mothers to choose adoption for their baby. The path that each woman takes is her own, and the common denominator is love.

The Center for Adoption Support and Education states that 60% of Americans have contact with adoption in some way. Why in a society where so many of our lives have been touched by adoption can the decision be isolating and shameful?

Historically the approach to adoption was silence and secrecy for all parties involved. For over a century, in many cases, adoption records were closed, altered and even withheld indefinitely. The shame was not only directed towards birth mothers but also extended to women experiencing infertility, which was once seen as a psychological condition. This ignominy trickled down and left even the adopted child in distress. Thus was the beginning of the shame that many still feel when faced with what is the beautiful choice of adoption.

Thankfully, with each decade we have continued to make great strides as a society, and transparency has become more common. As practices have shifted, the true beauty of adoption has been revealed for millions of families, and once again, love prevails!

Yes, adoption comes with intense feelings from all points of the triangle. Everyone should be given a fair chance to process their emotions. No one is alone, and not a single mother is pioneering this experience for the first time. Texas Adoption Center is here for you. We honor and respect your courageous decision.

So, let us talk about adoption candidly, with joy—and let us acknowledge those lives that have been uplifted through the beauty of adoption.

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