Texas Adoption Center Opening -

Texas Adoption Center Opening

Texas Adoption Center Opening

We are Thrilled to Announce that our Doors are Open!

Texas Adoption Center works with pregnant women who are experiencing an unintended pregnancy, as well as with families who are hoping to adopt. Texas Adoption Center was born out of A World for Children’s (AWFC) longstanding passion for providing permanent, loving homes for children—a mission AWFC has been pursuing with great success since 1997!

We Offer a Fresh Approach to Today’s Adoption

Our aim, always, is to provide a very personal kind of support that goes way beyond professionalism. It is this personal dimension that sets us apart from other agencies—the same personal dimension that you’ve come to know and love about AWFC.

Services for Birth Parents

If you know someone who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, considering their options, and in need of help, please refer them to Texas Adoption Center. We’ll make sure they’re counseled on all of their options, so that they can make the right choice for themselves and their baby. If they choose adoption, we’ll be their biggest supporters, we’ll help them through the process every step of the way—and we’ll provide counseling services for life!

Services for Adoptive Parents

Also, if you know an individual or couple who want to expand their family, please let them know that Texas Adoption Center is here for them. We will work with families from all across Texas, as well as families from out of state! And as we do, we’ll provide a full array of services, from the home study through the birth process to the finalization of the adoption. At every step, we will be their biggest supporters.

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