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Abortion vs Adoption Pros and Cons

Knowing you’re not ready to be a parent when you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy can bring up waves of emotions. Fear. Guilt. Shame. Loneliness. There’s no shame in admitting you aren’t ready for parenthood. Some women feel they don’t have the resources to give their child the life they envision for them. Others feel they…
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Do You Get Paid For Putting a Child Up For Adoption?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful. Scary even. You may be worried and start to panic thinking about your bills. Medical expenses, dietary needs, living expenses, rent, transportation, and the list goes on. With your pregnancy in mind, you may be thinking, How am I going to make this work? You may be wondering…
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Putting a Child up for Adoption Process Explained

Do you know how adoption works? The adoption process may seem daunting or confusing at first. But, with the right set of experts on board, it can be a smooth process that you’re in control of. That’s where Texas Adoption Center comes in. We help birth mothers create an adoption plan for their baby that…
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Anyone Willing to Adopt a Newborn Baby in 2018?

Is anyone willing to adopt a newborn baby in 2018? If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, this question has most likely run through your mind. The answer is a resounding YES! Unplanned pregnancy delivers more than a baby; it can be gut-wrenching, a roller coaster of emotions. This becomes especially true if you feel like…
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