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Office Line: 844-893-7943

Our Houston Office:

Texas Adoption Center’s Houston office is proud to offer personalized adoption agency services to Houston and surrounding communities.

Our fantastic Houston team encourages you to give us a call. You can also shoot us a text or stop by for a visit to learn more about adoption agency services in Houston, Texas! We love helping women and families learn more about adoption. Because we’re local in Houston, we can offer you the in-person support and guidance. We know that can make all the difference when embarking on an adoption journey. Call or text us today to see how we can support you!

Our local team is active in the Houston community!

Does your organization wish to learn more about adoption? Or are you ready to partner with Texas Adoption Center to provide excellent wraparound services to those we both serve? If so, then please contact us. We provide free adoption training to your staff and organization, as well as free printed materials.
When we wanted to start our adoption journey, two friends recommended Texas Adoption Center and their wonderful staff. Kaitlyn G. answered so many questions and offered support before we even signed up to join the TAC family. We had a unique matching process and Stacey and Kenna were so helpful in their guidance and support throughout the difficult decisions. We ended up pairing with the best birth mom for us, very serendipitously. Her adoption specialist, Gina, formed a wonderful bond and clearly had a unique relationship with her. The relationship they formed led to a relaxed and special environment for us to all meet and be a part of the birth story. Our dreams came true when we welcomed our daughter into our family and we owe so many thanks to TAC!
Adoptive Mother S.M.
Houston, TX
I am a mom that recently worked with this agency to place my son with a family I selected. My counselor, Gina, was amazing. She prepared me for adoption by being honest about the process. She held my hand the entire time. She put my feelings first and made sure I was ok before labor, at the hospital and after I was at home. She is a sweet lady and you can tell she loves adoption and working with moms. This is a great agency if you want to feel supported.
Birth Mother T.B.
Houston, TX
Having worked with a number of adoption agencies, TAC stands out as the best. They were responsive, thorough, and very professional during every part of the process. I can't say enough good things about Gina and Stacey in particular. We are incredibly grateful to have worked with them. Highly recommend.
Adoptive Father A.L.
Houston, TX

Where We Are

All adoptive parent and home study services are provided through our main office, located in Dallas, TX.

Pregnant? Considering placing your child for adoption?

All adoptive parent and home study services are provided through our main office, located in Dallas, TX. If you are an adoptive parent, please visit the Dallas location page to submit a contact form.

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