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We believe every woman is unique and different; that’s why we help customize an adoption plan just for you.

Unplanned pregnancy help

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When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, most women don’t consider adoption.  They don’t know much about it.  But once they learn more about what adoption really is, they often come to see it as a wonderful way of dealing with a very difficult situation.  So before you decide what to do, we encourage you to learn more about what adoption can mean for you and your baby.  And we can help you with that.  We care about you, we care about your baby--and we can guide you through this.  You’ve come to the right place!

Build your adoption plan

The best part about adoption today is that you’re in control.  The adoption plan for your baby will be your plan, based on your choices. You can pick the family, based on lots of information about who they are and what kind of home they will provide for your baby. You can also decide how much contact you’ll have with the family, both before and after the baby is born—you can choose to know them well, or simply to meet them, or never to meet them at all. In these and other ways, the choices are yours. And we will be there, right by your side, to help you with them.

Choosing adoption is courageous

In the beginning, it’s common to think that adoption means you’re somehow “abandoning” your baby.  But the more you learn, the more you realize it doesn’t mean that at all.  Adoption means you’re doing what’s best for your child.  It means placing your child with a loving family.  It means creating a plan to make sure your child has a beautiful life—a life full of opportunities that you might not be able to provide right now.  It means, in other words, that you’re a good mom.