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Common Reasons Birth Moms Consider Placing Their Baby

Common Reasons Birth Moms Consider Placing Their Baby

There is no one "right" or "wrong" reason to place your child for adoption. Adoption is a beautiful and loving choice, and the reasons why each birth mom decides to place her baby are unique and special to each different mom, and situation. For whatever reason(s) you are considering adoption, trust that your instincts come from a loving place, and that no one else needs to “approve” of your choice, but you. Whatever you decide for your baby’s future will be the best decision; you are a great mom for trying to provide your baby with the best life possible. Here are some common reasons birth moms may consider adoption:

Not Ready To Parent

Are you ready to be a parent? There is nothing wrong with answering “no” to this question. Becoming a new parent can be scary, and not everyone is ready for this kind of life change. Deciding that you are not ready to parent does not make you a bad mom. The fact that you are considering the best option for you and your baby makes you a loving parent, even before your baby is born. You want to be the best parent that you can be for your child, and you won’t be if you feel pressured to parent before it’s time. You should feel confident in your instincts; if this is your reason for considering adoption, rest assured, it’s a good one. 

Lack of Support 

The phrase “raising a child takes a village,” is more true than you might think. Though being a single parent can be a wonderful experience, having and raising a baby on your own can also be extremely difficult. Many times, the birth father is out of the picture. Family is far away. Friends are busy with their own lives. Regardless of what your situation is, if you don’t feel you have the emotional, physical and financial support of people in your life, parenting a child is going to be more difficult.

Financial Stress

Parenting can be a wonderful experience, and it can’t really be measured in terms of money.  We know that.  You know that.  Even so, it’s important to recognize that being a parent is a huge financial undertaking. As a mom, you want to give the best life possible to your child, and the ability to provide for your child is an important thing to consider. For some birth moms, this is not your first pregnancy or child. Considering the financial impact that raising another baby would have on your other children is also important to consider.

Future Goals

Only you know what your goals are for you and your baby’s future. Where do you see yourself in five years? Being a parent and achieving your goals is definitely not impossible, but being a new parent can make these objectives hard to achieve. Thinking long term is very important; to be the best parent possible (now and possibly in the future), you need to consider your goals for yourself and your future.

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