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Not sure where to go next? Here are a few things to consider.

giving baby up for adoption after birth

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Have you delivered, but you’re not ready to parent — and you don’t know what to do?

Is parenting the right choice? Many women don’t face this question until after their baby is born. Then, if they decide not to parent, they often leave their baby at the hospital.  The result is that Child Protective Services (CPS) puts the baby into the foster care system —where the baby may be moved around from foster home to foster home before eventually being placed with a permanent family. The mom doesn’t have any say about what happens to her baby, and receives no updates or visits. She has no control. All the key decisions are made by other people, and the baby’s life is entirely in their hands.

Even after delivery, you can set up an adoption plan

If you’ve made no decisions at all about adoption before your baby is born, that’s okay. You can work with Texas Adoption Center — right from the hospital or your home — to make sure that your baby is placed immediately with a loving adoptive family. We have many approved families who have waited a long time to become parents.  If you wish, you can pick the family and even meet them.  Or if you’d prefer no contact, the agency will select a family for you. Either way, we can help you take charge of your situation quickly—and you will have peace of mind, knowing you made a loving choice for your baby. Adoption is beautiful, but can also be emotionally challenging.  Luckily, adoption today is pretty cool. We’ll help you create your own plan, and we’ll find families for you that are comfortable with the same plan.  That way, you know that the family adopting your baby wants exactly what you want. You can choose the family or not — it's up to you.  You can meet them before delivery or not—it’s up to you.  You can have ongoing contact with them or not—it’s up to you.  You’re in charge. And you have our support every step of the way.

Choosing adoption is courageous

In the beginning, it’s common to think that adoption means you’re somehow “abandoning” your baby.  But the more you learn, the more you realize it doesn’t mean that at all.  Adoption means you’re doing what’s best for your child.  It means placing your child with a loving family.  It means creating a plan to make sure your child has a beautiful life—a life full of opportunities that you might not be able to provide right now.  It means, in other words, that you’re a good mom.