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Adopting in Texas: Getting Approved

Adopting in Texas: Getting Approved

You’ve decided you’re ready to take the plunge!  You’re ready to start the Texas adoption process.  But what’s required?  Do you meet the qualifications to be approved?

A Little Context...

If you’re planning to adopt through a private infant-adoption agency like Texas Adoption Center, here are some things to consider. Adoption agencies are regulated by the State of Texas and are required to follow a certain set of Minimum Standards, although they can choose to have policies that go beyond those standards. For that reason, adoption approval varies from agency to agency, so you’ll need to inquire with each adoption agency individually. The approval process also varies widely from state to state.  Below are some of the general requirements you can expect for private infant-adoption in Texas.

General Texas Adoption Requirements

  • You must be 21-years-old or older. Many adoption agencies set a minimum of age 25.
  • Citizenship is flexible. Many agencies require that parents be at least lawful permanent residents, or that at least one parent is a U.S. Citizen.
  • Background checks are required for everyone age 14+ in the home. More info here.
  • Physicals are required for all household members. Chronic conditions are evaluated case by case.
  • Marriage license and divorce decrees must be made available, when relevant.
  • Employment and salary verification are required. Copies of your 1040’s are often requested.
  • There must be enough space in the home for a child.
  • You will need letters of reference from family members and non-relatives.
  • Vaccinations are required for pets living inside the home, but not for those living outside.
  • There will be interviews with all household members and a walk-through of the home.
  • The home environment must be clean, safe, and free of fire and safety hazards.

Next Steps to Adopt in Texas

If you’re located in Texas and feel inspired by the requirements listed above, the next step in the adoption process is to get started on what’s called a home study—which every prospective adoptive parent needs.  It is essentially a report showing that you meet all the necessary requirements, like those listed above, and it provides the basis for getting you approved.  For more information on the home study, we invite you to check out our home study information page.

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